Bulkhead Risers

The Bulkhead risers consist of solid molded closed cell polyethylene foam floats fitted with stainless steel wraps on SS flotation rods.
The whole arrangement is connected with 2″ dia. Urethane Wheels to Bulkhead riser tracks that are fitted to any suitable attachment point such as piers or piles.
The track comprises a pier connecting rail that can be either welded or bolted in place.  The Bulkhead Risers assures the booms ability to follow the tides with no manual intervention.  The Bulkhead Riser adjusts vertically with the tide and equipped with flexible track it is designed to allow horizontal movement too.
They are essential accessory for use with the range of oil booms that are permanently deployed in areas such as Oil Terminals or Harbors.   Bulkhead Risers available in normal 18″, 24″, 36″, 48″ and special sizes in standard and heavy duty models.