Tiny Zwanny Oil Skimmer

The Zwanny Tiny weir skimmer is an ideal skimmer to use in small industrial tanks or sumps.
The Tiny Weir skimmer is designed for rapid high volume recovery of oil from the surface of water in tanks and is  manufactured from 304 Stainless Steel for optimum corrosion resistance. The Skimmer consists of three stainless steel floats, supporting the adjustable weir frame. The adjustable weir cone is located in the centre of the unit and is adjustable. The Stainless steel floats are also adjustable in order to raise or lower the weir frame to allow for the differential between fresh water use and salt water use. The Skimmer incorporates a stainless steel mesh debris screen that protects the suction weir against floating debris.  For the best results the Skimmer is attached to a positive displacement type pump via a reinforced suction hose. The skimmer is deployed on to the water surface and the adjustable weir is adjusted according to the thickness of the oil layer on the surface of the water. If the oil layer is thin (less than 10mm), the weir is adjusted higher to avoid skimming large volumes of water. When the unit is deployed into water carrying a thick layer of oil (more than 10mm) on the surface, the weir can be adjusted downwards to skim oil at a higher rate. If the skimmer is skimming large volumes of water, the weir should be adjusted upwards.


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