Solid Floatation Boom

The Lamor Solid Floatation (SFB) has been developed to meet today’s requirement for a quick to deploy and economical containment boom system. The Lamor SFB will contain oil and floating debris, it is light in weight, easy to deploy and manufactured from durable materials.

Lamor SFB represents a cost effective way of maintaining readiness in many environments from industrial units to rivers and harbours. Manufactured from PVC fabric with

built in foam floatation, top tension member and connectors according to the customers’ requirements make for a versatile system. The 8 mm top tension cable is enclosed in protective sheath and tuned for deployment in current.

End connectors are standard on the ends of each section. These can be universal slide or ASTM “Z” type connectors. The boom has galvanized chain in double-wall chain pocket with reinforced ends as ballast and tension member. Optionally mid-section anchor points can be provided.

Lamor SFB is available in sizes ranging from 150 mm (6 inch) to 635 mm (24 inch) total height. The closed-cell foam logs are 1800 mm (6 ft) long. Lamor Solid Floatation Boom is manufactured in high visibility yellow as standard with an option of international orange.

Features & Benefits

  • For use in industrial sites, rivers & harbours
  • Cost effective solution for floating containment
  • Easy to deploy due to its easy construction and light weight
  • Low maintenance and easy cleaning