Foam Filled Boom


This flat foam floatation boom is designed for use in harbours or calm waters and is robust, lightweight and compact, used in 3knots without any problems.

These materials are often drifting at a greater depth than usually covered by the skirt of a containment boom.

Deployment and recovery
The floats, which are filled with closed cell foam, make quick deployment possible (typically 2 people and a light craft are needed). 250 metres of boom can be deployed in less than 5 minutes. The boom’s flat design means it can be stored on a manual or hydraulically driven winch and is easy to clean.


The FOB is composed of 1-metre long independent flat floats which guarantee floatation in case of damage.

Connection Between Booms
Each section is fitted with standard quick connectors, which may be ASTM, UNICON or Norwegian type as required.


  • Easy and compact storage
  • Made of durable oil-resistant material
  • Quick and easy to deploy and recover
  • Easy to clean.

Foam filled oil boom: click here to read more.

Features and benefits of FOB boom system:


  1. Light weight and easy to handle
  2. No inflation
  3. Crush resistant build in floats with radar reflectors
  4. Flat floatation chambers for compact storage
  5. Manufactured from durable oil and UV resistant fabric pvc coated red dtex polyester fabric density (g/m2)1400
  6. Quick and simple to deploy and recovery
  7. East to clean
  8. Interwoven nylon handles on top of boom every 5meters
  9. Build in ballast chain from marine galvanized chain with drain pockets in the boom
  10. Every 5 meter mooring points
  11. Very long life span of 10years or more if used in the correct manner and
  12. Tow speed 6-7knots
  13. Current use 4-5 knots
  14. Supplied with ASTM connectors








  1. Not many people needed to the boom weight when deploying or recovery
  2. Saving on extra costs of inflators and time to inflate the boom as the FOB comes directly from the
  3. Boom floats are strong and will not puncture or have air valves as the foam is made from a closed cell foam which is strong and compact to store. Radar reflection comes as a
  4. As the boom is flat more can be stored on 1 reel and no need for containers to store can also be stored on racking due to its flat shape or on a
  5. Unlike some types of Neoprene or Hypalon the boom fabric if meets a person’s skin will not create ill
  6. Boom can be in less than 5minutes in the
  7. Not many valve folds or area’s that would be hard to clean all easy straight forward to
  8. Easy to help with boom retrieval no chance of fingers or hands caught in a ballast chain when deploying or retrieving the
  9. See above point 8 a much saver option
  10. Standard instead of having longer sections when moored the boom might not be effective if not moored
  11. Saving on costs can be used in a range of temperatures up to 60c
  12. If the boom is used in a formation the quick tow speed is a critical requirement
  13. Used in many ports with this flow the boom works well in these conditions
  14. An easy slide unit with holding pins and clips.