Boom Storage Options

These can be boom auxiliary items the boom racking can only be used for the FOB and in most cases this aluminium rack will hold 100m of any size of FOB boom. The boom racking system will can be supplied with a cover to suit.

On boom storage the FOB can be deployed from a container where by the boom is hung on the inside of the container and is supplied with a boom deployment platform, for deployment and boom retrieval.
Normally a 20ft containter can hold 500m of Fob 750. Ideal for quick response as a number of firebrigades and coast guards  use this system.

The other storage options for boom are on a reel this is for inflatable and non inflatable boom, please find a number of photo’s and info enclosed. The boom reels come in 3 options being:
hydraulicly driven
electrically driven
Pending on the boom size and type this will be pending what reel option could be offered.

Boom Reel ESR L 1722 Electric – 384841

Boom Reel HSR H 1717 – 276785