Lamor GT75

The Lamor GTC 75 is designed for efficient handling of viscous liquids, bulky solids and shear-sensitive liquids. The Lamor GTC range of centrifugal-screw pumps are driven by a built-on axial hydraulic motor rated accordingly to each model.

The Hidrostal design centrifugal screw combines the properties of the screw pump with those of the centrifugal pump, which enables handling of medium to high viscosity liquids while limiting the effects of emulsification or clogging. Both the centrifugal-screw and drive flange are bolted and keyed onto the hydraulic motor shaft respectively, with the drive flange transmitting power to the centrifugal screw via a lock pin. The GTC 75 pump is housed in an aluminum casing and uses a brass centrifugalscrew.

Hydraulic oil flows into the motor through the flexible extension hose and circulates through via a separate hydraulic return hose. The pumps hydraulic connection is fitted with a non return valve to permit free rotation of the pump when there is no hydraulic supply.

The Lamor GTC 75 can handle oil with a maximum viscosity of 10,000Cst making it an ideal component for heavy oil skimmers such as the Lamor brush skimming systems.

Lamor GTC 75 specifications