Mini max 25

The Lamor Minimax 25 is a light-weight, modular oil skimmer that is easily transported and quickly assembled with no tools. The Minimax 25 utilises oleophilic brush, disc or drum recovery banks and is designed to recover oil from inland waters, lakes, rivers, shoreline, and nearshore environments including Arctic scenarios.

A modular system, the Minimax 25 consists of three easily assembled parts: a skimmer body, a collection hopper, and a recovery bank. The standard recovery bank is a stiff brush module that can be interchanged with a disc or drum recovery bank module. The simple design can be disassembled by hand in less than a minute providing full access to the interior of the unit facilitating on-site maintenance and cleaning.

The skimmer’s frame and hopper are made of durable, moulded polyethylene that is extremely easy to clean. The skimmer is entirely hydraulically operated and has a low power requirement. The unit can be connected to a suction pump or vacuum system.

Please CLICK HERE to download the technical specifications for this product.

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