Beach Sealing Booms

Beach sealing booms provide an excellent seal against the shoreline in tidal areas: strong currents, areas exposed to strong tidal movements, rivers, estuaries and sheltered waters.

Boom Construction
Beach sealing booms have a triangular cross-section with a continuous air-filled tube above and two water-filled ballast chambers below.

The air filled tube has three internal buoyancy chambers. Thus, the boom floats as a conventional boom when working in waters with sufficient depth, and by effect of the weight of the ballast and its flexibility, seals the foreshore in low tide conditions.

Beach sealing booms are manufactured from premium quality PVC-coated polyester. This material is both strong and light, and gives rise to a hard-wearing and virtually maintenance-free product.

On the underside of the boom there is a replaceable fabric, protecting the boom from wear and tear when working against abrasive surfaces. Each section is fitted with marine grade aluminium ASTM end connectors making the use of tools for connecting the sections together unnecessary.


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