Boom Towing and Anchoring

Tow Sets

Zwanny offers a wide range of towing sets for the smallest to largest type of boom. All Tow sets come complete with ASTM F 962 connectors, shackles, rope and buoy.

Towing Set TS FOB is a towing and mooring bridle used with Lamor Foam Filled Oil Boom FOB. It is manufactured from boom fabric reinforced with nylon webbing band.

The following components are included: 1 pc towing end,

1 pc braided polypropylene rope 16 mm/50m, 1 pc buoy 400 mm


Anchoring Set

The light  Anchoring Set can be used with a number of foam filled, permanent or  inflatable booms comprising of one galvanized Bruce type anchor,( can be supplied in a number of weights for other type of booms) 5 m of 10 mm anchor chain with 2 pcs shackle M12/Y, one 40 cm diameter anchor buoy and 50 m of 16 mm tripping line.  We provides a full range of Oil Containment Boom Deployment equipment according to standard sets and customers exact requirements. All booms require additional equipment for correct handling and mooring and these items should always be considered.  The Anchor sets comprise a suitably rated galvanized steel anchor with shackle and chain / rope, all components are premium quality.  In addition, we can provide aluminium containers for easy storage and transportation of boom deployment equipment.


Anchoring set for light oil booms with 10kg anchor: click here to read more.