Power Pack

The Lamor Power Pack LPP 7 is used as a power source for the range of Lamor skimmers and smaller hydraulically operated equipment. The power pack represents a light-weight, easily portable power solution for hydraulic equipment that can be operated in remote locations.

The LPP 7 is equipped with a 7.3 kW (9.7 hp) air-cooled single cylinder diesel engine mounted in a mobile frame manufactured in tough tubular steel. An electric start is standard with a manual start as back up.

The LPP 7 comprises 2 hydraulic circuits supplied by an 8 cm3 hydraulic pump and is capable of producing a working pressure of 170 bar with a maximum hydraulic oil flow rate of 28 l/min (7 gpm). Also the LPP 7 HA can be equipped with optional spark arrestor and/or Chalwyn safety shut down valve.

Standard connectors:
Valve 1: 1/4″ TEMA 2521/2511, 5 l/min Valve 2: 1/2″ TEMA. 5021/5011, 25 l/min Drain: 3/8″ Aeroquip Female ISO C23071-06