The Smooch spillkit is a compact 20l oil spillkit that will fit in a cab of a lorry or forktruck as the kit is vacuum packed.
-(5) Gray Husky Pads to effectively absorb the bulk of the spill
-(30) White Oil Shammy Towels sop up any remaining oil or fuel and wipe down all hard surfaces
-(1) Pair of Nitrile Gloves to be worn during the cleanup process
-(1) Yellow Disposal Bag for the final cleanup and disposal
-(1) Handy UnSmoosher is provided to easily open the SmooshKit®

This 16”x16” SmooshKit® is made for rapid response to any oil or fuel spill up to 20litres.
-The SmooshKit® cleans up diesel, kerosene, hydraulic fluid, motor oil and other hydrocarbons. -Do NOT use with acids or caustics. -Dispose of used product in compliance with local, state, federal and international regulations.
Compact: Smoosh packed contents take up to 4x less space.
Reusable: Wring out and reuse up to five times.
Sustainable: Husky fibers are made from 100% recycled fibers.
Eco-friendly: Reduces waste by up to 70%.


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