Interceptor cleaning, Repairs and Maintenance

Interceptors are used on sites where there is a danger of pollutants entering storm water drainage systems or open water courses, The system itself is designed to permit water only to escape, trapping the pollutants e.g. oil, fuels etc within the interceptor, To prevent overflow and contamination of the drainage system the interceptor must be emptied & maintained on a regular basis We offer a total service to clean, repair and offer the maintenance on your companies interceptors.

Interceptor Cleaning



The Zwanny team is able to provide total interceptor and drainage maintenance services to your companies locations throughout the UK.

Industrial interceptor and  drainage maintenance is essential to comply with environmental regulations and for the safety of your companies staff and the environment and to prevent problems that could create manufacturing downtime.

Our Interceptor drainage treatment and maintenance services also ensure optimal operational efficiency to avoid blockages and minimise spills and leaks.

Whether you require one-off clearance or regular drainage maintenance services, we’ve got you covered. We can provide various drainage treatment packages to suit your site, waste and budget. We can make recommendations that are tailored to you, based on the application, the extent of the drainage and its condition.